How to Connect Realme Phone to Laptop Wirelessly?

Are you looking to streamline your workflow by seamlessly connecting your Realme phone to your laptop wirelessly? Whether you want to transfer files, manage notifications, or even mirror your screen, the PC Connect feature in Realme UI has got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to make the most out of this handy feature.

What is Realme PC Connect?

PC Connect is a feature within Realme UI that enables seamless interaction between your Realme phone and your PC. With PC Connect, you can receive notifications, transfer files, and even control your phone directly from your computer. It’s a convenient way to enhance your productivity and make multitasking a breeze.

Requirements: Before we dive into the steps, let’s ensure you have everything you need:

  • A Realme phone running Realme UI (Note: PC Connect may not be available on all Realme devices)
  • A laptop or PC connected to the same network as your phone
  • The PC Connect app installed on your PC (Download link:

How do I connect my Realme phone to my laptop?

  1. Install PC Connect App: Begin by downloading and installing the PC Connect app on your laptop from the provided link.
  2. Enable PC Connect on Your Phone: On your Realme phone, navigate to [Settings] > [Connection & sharing] > [PC Connect]. Toggle the PC Connect feature to enable it.
  3. Launch PC Connect App: Open the PC Connect application on your laptop.
  4. Initiate Connection: The PC Connect app on your laptop will scan for available devices. Meanwhile, a pop-up will appear on your Realme phone. Tap on “Connect” to initiate the connection.
  5. Confirm Connection: On your laptop, you’ll see a prompt requesting permission to connect to your phone. Click “Allow” to confirm.
  6. Connection Established: Voila! Your Realme phone is now connected to your laptop wirelessly via PC Connect.

How do I transfer files from Realme phone to PC?

With your devices connected, transferring files between your Realme phone and laptop is a breeze:

  • To transfer files from your phone to your laptop, simply drag and drop the files from your phone’s storage to your laptop’s desktop or desired folder.
  • Vice versa, drag and drop files from your laptop to your phone for seamless transfer.

Managing Notifications: PC Connect also allows you to manage notifications directly from your laptop. You can view incoming notifications, reply to messages, and stay updated without having to reach for your phone.

How do I screencast from Realme to my laptop?

While PC Connect primarily focuses on file transfer and notification management, you can explore additional options for screen mirroring or screencasting through third-party applications like Vysor or Airdroid.


With PC Connect, connecting your Realme phone to your laptop wirelessly opens up a world of possibilities for enhanced productivity and convenience. Whether you’re transferring files, managing notifications, or even mirroring your screen, this feature simplifies your workflow and makes multitasking effortless.

Give PC Connect a try and experience the seamless integration between your Realme phone and laptop. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to make the most out of your Realme device!

That’s all for today. Until next time, happy connecting!

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